Big Changes

I’ve neglected to mention that I’m in the midst of a career change.  I’d spent a long time building up my landscaping business and 2018 was a record year, but I was getting tired of the grind and ready to try something different.  So I was lying in bed one Saturday morning back in April scrolling through help wanted ads on Craigslist, and there on the second page was my dream job working on a farm with chickens and ducks – the latter of which are my favorite animals.  They were having open interviews all weekend, so I was at the farm three hours later and started work on Monday.

It was as easy as that.  Everything for me is as easy as that… except dating, for some reason.  But if that’s the trade-off I’ll take it.  Craigslist has been a boon to my life, though.  I’ve made thousands of dollars selling off old possessions.  I’ve picked up loads of stuff and paid it forward by giving away tons of stuff as well.  And now I have a new part-time job.  I’m still working my old job, but between the two I’ve brought in an extra 10-15K this year.  Not bad.  The plan for next year is to sell off my business and work full-time at the farm.

Holy shit – and talking about how lucky I am?  I literally just got word as I’m typing this that I won my marching band’s Super Bowl raffle.  They drew the winning ticket at the holiday party (I didn’t go) so they just texted me about it.  It was a trip for two package including airfare and a three-night stay in a hotel.  Well, I don’t give a flying fuck about football or any professional sports, so I opted for the cash payout instead (of a considerable amount).  Now the band is going to sell off the Super Bowl package to someone else and likely turn a handsome profit, so everybody is making out great with this deal.

Not only that, but I entered a celebrity death pool this year.  You pick the names of 20 celebrities you think will die in 2019, and if enough of them die then you win.  The rules are a bit more complex than that, but in any case we’re ten days out from the New Year and I’m 40 points ahead of the next person.  So I’m likely looking at another handsome payday if nobody else’s famous picks croak before then.

In the meantime, I’ve just celebrated my 35th birthday.  I guess it’s something of a milestone.  I certainly look and feel the best I’ve ever been.  What hitting 35 means for my dating prospects remain to be seen.  I deleted Bumble again after my last date with Virgin Girl.  Maybe I’ll pick it up again after the holidays, but I’m not excited at the prospect of returning to online dating.  Until I’m enjoying life and wishing everyone a very happy holiday season.


I replaced all my furniture last week, and it’s like being in a new place right now.  And since I acquire so much for free in life, I don’t mind paying it forward by giving a lot away too.  This time I put a mountain of stuff out to the curb: a bed frame, a table, lamps, sofas, books, kitchen and bath supplies, a snowblower, a wood chipper, a bicycle, computer parts, Christmas decorations, electronics and miscellaneous items – you name it.  I posted it on Craigslist and it was all gone by the next morning.

So that’s more stuff off my list, and I crossed off a few others as well.  I went to my first bar trivia night.  I went to goat yoga (as seen below).  I don’t even really give a shit about yoga, I just wanted to frolic with goats.  Another highlight was the female-to-male ratio of 25:1.  But I was still more interested in the goats, who in turn were keenly interested in my water bottle.  No sooner had I sat down did three of them clamber over me, trying to eat the plastic label.  Talk about getting up close and personal.

Now I’m busy preparing my fall bucket list, even though it’s still technically summer for another week.  A week from today I’m jetting out to California (has it really been two years since I was there?)  When I come back I’m going apple picking, going to a haunted house, going on a haunted river paddle, hosting my first ever party for Halloween, and taking trips to Block Island, Old Saybrook and of course NYC.  And now that my car is up and running again, I’m thinking about getting a second one.  Maybe even a classic car.  That would be nice.

I’m gradually retooling this blog (as some of you have already noticed from the updated blog title).  There’s going to be a new focus over time and a streamlining of old posts.  I’ve also taken down my Descent Into Dadness blog.  It’s not getting the readership I’d hoped for, it’s not coming together the way I’d like, and I just don’t feel I should be airing dirty laundry – even if I have changed names and other information to protect privacy.  So that’s that.

And… I lied again.  I always swore that Facebook would be as far as I’d go with social media, but I broke down recently and joined Instagram.  I thought it would be a good way to document my fitness journey.  As a result I’m more inspired and motivated than ever, especially now that I know people are watching and following.  I’ve made new connections, and in fact I’m actually talking to someone new at the moment…

Stay tuned.