Call Me Daddy

The next time I saw College Girl it was for an afternoon rendezvous that was the hottest encounter yet.  We had sex three times in the span of three hours.  Near the end of the first round I told her I was getting close, and she sat up and put her hands on my chest.  She pushed me back until I was sitting on my heels and proceeded to suck and jerk me off until I came like a lawn sprinkler.  It went everywhere; all over her and the bed.  Damn.  What a mess.  During our subsequent rounds she wanted me to choke her, and when I did she cried out things like “choke me, daddy” and “pound me harder, daddy.”

Daddy issues confirmed.  Maybe this explains our dynamic and why we don’t talk much (read: at all).  Either that or she’s just really shy outside the bedroom.  Or both.  A few days later she hit me up and asked if I was free that night.  We were originally shooting for the following afternoon and I said that would be better for me.  Ten minutes later I came to my senses.  Passing up/postponing sex?  Was I crazy?  No, I wasn’t crazy, so I texted her again and said I’d make myself available.

When I brought her back here we spent a good deal of time rolling around in bed between kissing and foreplay.  She was definitely better at kissing this time, whereas in the beginning it felt like she was trying to chew my face off.  Finally we got to it and had sex another three times.  My bedroom floor was a minefield of condoms and wrappers.  She slept over again, and while there was still no conversation I noticed she was a bit more snuggly this time.

I woke up the next morning with her hands on my cock.  She sucked and stroked me, bringing me to the brink two or three times and before stopping.  Ugh.  It was torture.  We went for another round and I pounded her good and hard for a long time.  She was really into it, wrapping her legs around my back and then placing them over my shoulders.  I had to keep stopping myself so I wouldn’t splooge too soon, and when I did unload I collapsed on top of her shaking all over.  I earned some fresh bruises on my shoulder and wondered vaguely if that was her way of marking her territory.  The sex was only getting better and better, and I tossed her around a bit which she seemed to like.  Sure enough, I received the following text a few days later:


I was just wrapping up work the other day when I got a text asking if I was free that night.  Totally unexpected, but hell yeah I was.  I picked her up at 5PM and she came out to the car looking adorable in her oversize college sweatshirt and short white shorts.  I gripped and massaged her bare thigh all the way back to my place, and once here I pulled her clothes off to reveal matching white lace bra and panties.  Nice, very nice.  I was incredibly turned on already.

I went down on her, teasing her for as long as she could stand, and she did the same for me.  I told her to keep going until I came, and I very nearly did except I had a change of mind.  It was a tough choice, but I didn’t want to deprive her of a nice, hard dick.   So I flipped her over, handcuffed her hands behind her back, and went to town.  Needless to say I didn’t last long, and clearly I was on the right track because she bit into my arm so hard I nearly bled.  Even she was surprised when she saw what she did.

We lay there a bit as I fingered her, and she stroked me as well and I was hard again in no time at all.  Very short recovery time and within minutes we were at it again.  This time I lasted longer and pounded her deep and hard like she was begging me to.  I earned additonal bite marks in the process and we were a sweaty mess under the sheets when we were done.   Afterwards we cuddled and dozed until it was time to drive her back, and it was a silent ride as always.  I had long since given up trying to have a conversation with her.

I wished we had time for thirds or fourths, but all the students are being kicked out of university housing for the rest of the semester due to the coronavirus.  So she needed to gather her things and head back home to NJ.   I tried to give her as good a dicking as possible, because that may be the last time I see her for a while – if ever again.  Before we parted ways I told her she should take a trip out sometime, noting that the train station was just down the road from my house.

So we’ll see what happens, but if I don’t see her again we definitely had a good run.  I was incredibly lucky, and she’s the hottest girl I’ve been with by far.  Definitely made up for some lost time and missed opportunities with this one, although in the end the question remains – why did all this take so long and why did I struggle so much? Just bad luck all those years, or was it something more?

Oh well… onward and upward.