As I said in my last post, I feel loads better after deleting the dating apps.  Now that work has calmed down and I have more free time, I’ve been getting out and about again.  After years of saying I would, I finally got back on the open mic circuit.  It’s so good to be out performing again.  All my practice in the meantime definitely paid off.  I received plenty of compliments afterwards and one of the girls at the bar started chatting me up.  She told me I “fucking rocked it” and we talked for a while.

It’s amazing how much easier it is when you can just be yourself and not worry about impressing or attracting anyone.  However I was more interested in the brunette behind her, but she only had eyes for the guitar player onstage.  But I struck up conversations with a few others too.  See, that’s how you do it.  Just get out there and meet people and let things happen naturally.  That’s why Meetup is great too – bonding over common interests.  I recently signed up for a full moon paddle, but unfortunately it was canceled due to the weather.

My next stop was the latest monthly jam session, hosted by the band I’m hoping to join.  Another good social (and musical) opportunity, but no persons of interest.  No matter.  I’ve been working on learning their material, of which there is a lot. I’m making progress.  And not only has worked calmed down, but I actually dropped customers as well to reduce my workload.  I’m actually working less than full-time right now. I’m loving it, and it’s giving me space to consider other things… like a career change.

I can’t help feeling I’m wasting my talents with my current job, but the pay is good and it has benefits I won’t find anywhere else.  I have some vague ideas about what I’d like to do next, but music is certainly top of the list.  I recently went to the music store to invest in some more equipment, and I struck up a conversation with another girl while I was there.  She worked behind the counter and there was nobody else in the shop, and we talked for 10-15 minutes.  Pretty cute.  I Facebooked her as soon as I got home, and she has a boyfriend.  Of course.

No matter.  There’ll be other opportunity, and I have a whopper coming up in a couple of weeks.  One my friends invited me to a pool party at her house for her 30th birthday.  A pool party.  I can’t remember the last time I was at a pool party.  But the guest list has a 3:1 female-to-male ratio.  I’ve been busting my ass in the gym lately, and this is just the extra motivation I needed.  A lot of those females are single moms like my friend, but there will be childless single ladies in attendance too.  Sounds like prime hunting ground…

kids – next post


6 thoughts on “Social

  1. Kids aren’t for everyone. Not sure why other people care about your preferences 🤷🏻‍♀️ I also saw a dating app called Hater or haters?) and you basically get matched with people based on mutual dislikes hahaha

  2. This is all very exciting! What a multi-talented man you are! I hope some of these opportunities yield results for you. As far as kids goes, I agree that you need to stick by your preferences – my only comment was that dating a woman with (older) kids isn’t the same as having them yourself. Even if they are younger and she has 50/50 custody, you still get those days with her as ‘just a person’ rather than someone’s mother!

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