I haven’t been on a date in months and I’m feeling the itch again. Not to mention it’s almost two years since I’ve gotten any action, so I’m getting antsy there as well. I chuckle when I read some bloggers griping about going a few days or a couple of weeks without sex. Oh?  Do tell.

Dating has been on the back burner this year. I’ve been focused on other things, and now I’m back at work so that’s consuming a lot of time. There were a few outings and social gatherings but I haven’t met anyone that way. I’ve yet to go back on Meetup, but I’ve also been considering giving online dating another go.

Yes, I know. I’ve sworn it off a million times and keep talking shit about it. But part of me wants to keep at it until I succeed. Others have, so why can’t I? If nothing else, it’s a good way to keep my skills sharp. When I met Rebecca (the old-fashioned way) I felt like I was applying everything I learned from all my online dates. So I guess it wouldn’t be a total waste of time.

If nothing else, it’ll give me stuff to blog about. But the thought of making a new profile, finding matches, wading through all the nonsense again… I don’t know if I can do it. We’ll see. If I do go that route, I think this time would be different. I feel like I’m a good place.

Stay tuned.


18 thoughts on “Itchy

  1. Online dating is just another avenue to possibly meet someone. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket — do meetups, online dating, open your eyes when you’re at the grocery store — sounds like your ready to get back out there, so just be more open to all the possibilities! I’ve met two beautiful men online and had pretty decent luck and then it didn’t work out years later — I don’t blame online dating for that. I also met a man on LinkedIn at a conference — we dated for a bit — and then there’s the “old fashion” way — at a party, through a friend. I’m just saying, online dating IS miserable, but so isn’t going to a bar …. when we’re on the hunt, it’s difficult, no matter where we’re doing it. So, keep ALL your options open. Good luck!

    • It is another avenue, but one that seemed ill suited for me. Hence my reluctance to go back. It’s a completely different dynamic from doing it the old fashioned way… it’s essentially like going on blind dates. There’s always been an element of forced awkwardness to it. And I’ve done it on and off for eight years with little to show for it. I still think I’ll have better luck meeting someone organically. LOL do people really meet at the grocery store? I keep hearing that but I don’t see how.

  2. LOL! Yes, people meet everywhere! So, I agree with you — I think online dating is a lot of work and so very disappointing. BUT, here’s the thing: When we’re on the hunt, it all stinks and it’s all difficult. I can’t tell you how much I hate being “set up” by friends. I don’t mean to plug my blog here, but if you go to my site and check out my previous blog post (The Perfect Man), you’ll see I recently was “set up” and ugghhh….. My point is, if you PLANNED on going to a party to hopefully MEET someone — and/or PLANNED to go to a bar to MEET someone — or to a wedding and so on and so on, to me, the disappointment is the same. You go with good intentions, you get dressed up and then… blah. Nothing. Online dating to me, is just another avenue — and I’m not anymore suited to that, than I am being set up by a friend or going to any avenue — being on the “hunt” is just hard.

    I’m just saying, I’m glad you’re putting yourself out there (Baby, two years is too long for anyone!!!). But, if you can look at online dating as just another way to maybe meet someone — but not make it THE ONLY way you go about finding “the one” — then you might have a better time of it.

    Look, I’m still single, so I’m not preaching to you from a place of “I got married from…blah, blah, blah..” I hear and know your struggle. I fell in love… like crazy in love with one guy I met online and it lasted for 3 years. We had a hard time of it and it had nothing to do with meeting online. It just didn’t work out. I met another man a year or so ago online (OKC) and honesty, I can’t tell you exactly what’s happening, but I’m so glad I met him and although we’re still working out our friendship/relationship I have no regrets. He might be the most beautiful person I’ve met in a long time and the bar is now set pretty HIGH because of him… I want you to be optimistic. I want you to SEE love/like/lust when it’s in-front of you — and it may happen through a computer screen. It could. Or yes, it may be at the grocery store. I have a friend who met her husband at the check out counter when she didn’t have enough money to pay her groceries and her credit card wouldn’t go through. They’ve been happily married for (uggh) like 11 years or something. Crazy!

    And selfishly, I want it to work out for you — because I believe in love. I believe it’s why we’re here — to love and be loved. Ehh, my utopia for sure. But, I’m pulling for you! Set up your online accounts, be positive and yeah, say HI to the girl/guy who’s looking at a tomato in the grocery store — hey, you never know. 🙂

    • Sometimes I wish my friends would try to set me up. I think that could be fun, but they all say they don’t know anyone. That’s crazy about your friend meeting her husband on the checkout line. Come to think of it though, I don’t think I’ve ever really seen girls going food shopping? I don’t know where they do it, but it’s certainly not where I go…

  3. A few years ago I saw an article about a grocery store in Virginia that has proven to be a hot spot for singles. There is some truth to it, unfortunate I have never met that special someone at a grocery store. And I’m not counting the fact that I work at one! 😛

  4. Yes, Yes, Yes! Definitely start online dating again. Try Tinder or POF. Those were always lucky for me. …and I got lucky a lot. Yay! I can’t wait to see which direction you choose Duck. Keep up the great attitude!

  5. I say go back online and try again. I have been on and off, trying new things and having alone time for 3.5 years now (hard to believe it’s that long!), and while I get sick of it (hence leave), I have gone back to try new things and each time has been a learning experience and I have got something worthwhile out of it. I am back on POF here in Au for the first time in 3 years and it is TOTALLY different. I think the clientele changes regularly. My best advice would be to stay on for 2 weeks then give it a break and try to connect with the women you have either met or been chatting to in that time. The profiles that just stay up are stale and overcooked. Women/men seeing them just turn off eventually. I keep mine fresh by disappearing and if I come back, it’s with a new photo and possibly new text. I’ll be watching with great interest and my fingers crossed for you my friend x

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