I feel like I’m finally starting to find my footing here.  I have two second dates lined up for this weekend, one with The Comedian and one with The Singer.  It appears I’m finally about to smash through the first date wall. What’s more, a third girl gave me her number on OKC.  I called her up the other day and we had an actual phone conversation.

Normally I hate talking on the phone, but this time I felt perfectly relaxed and comfortable.  I was further surprised when I discovered we had talked for over half an hour.  I’ll take that as a good sign.  As it turned out, we both had previous careers in real estate.  That alone gave us plenty to talk about, but there’s a lot more ground left to cover.  Long story short I asked her out and we’re meeting up Sunday night.  This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one.

I’m really trying not to overthink things or get my hopes up.  I’m doing my best to continue with life in the meantime and not stress over whether things will go well or “omg will one of these girls finally be the one??”  After forty first dates I’m learning to be a little more chill and patient.

In the meantime I reconnected with an old friend.  An old female friend.  We haven’t seen each other in over three years and we met up for lunch the other day.  Like me, she’s a veteran of the online  dating scene.  We compared war stories and regaled each other with tales of our exes.  At one point she asked me, “so when did you lose your virginity?” and I was brought up short.

“Ah…” I began.  “I’ll let you know when it happens,” I said.

“Come on, seriously… when was it?” she asked as I laughed.

“I just told you, it hasn’t happened yet.”

“You’re being a total shithead!  Come on, you just said you were in a relationship for a year and a half.”

“Yeah, and in all that time she was afraid to go all the way with me…”

“You’re lying!  Look at me,” she demanded.  I looked at her.  “You’re totally lying! I can tell by your face.  I’m really good at reading people and the corner of your mouth is going up on one side which means you’re lying -”

“No, my mouth is twitching because I find your reaction most amusing.”

She sat back and stared at me.  “I still think you’re being a shithead.”

“Nope,” I said, and proceeding to describe how skittish my ex was and how long it took to make out or fool around with her.  She looked entirely unconvinced.

“So you’re a 31 year old virgin,” she said.

“Yup.  But I’m not worried about it.  I’ll find someone, it’s just a matter of time.  I’m slowly getting better at this dating thing.”

“How do you act?  Do you act like this when you’re on dates?” she inquired.

“Act like what?”

“Act the way you are with me right now.  Are you doing something weird when you’re on dates?”

I racked my brain.  “No.  Not that I can think of, anyway.”

She frowned at me.  “You aren’t telling them you’re a virgin, are you?”

I snorted.  “Of course not.  Why would I tell them that?”

I was flattered that she didn’t believe me.  And finally she told me I should get a prostitute, or do anything to get laid and just get it out of the way.  But I’m confident I’ll pull this off before long and do so on my own merits.  Just you wait and see.

3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Finally some good news. Keep those new dates coming. It’ll soften the sting of rejection if you have someone new lined up. You’ll probably be more successful too since you’ll come across as less desperate and anxious. Careful you don’t get carried away if more than one shows interest. I can imagine you not wanting, or able, to say no to anyone if you are forced to make a choice.

    It’s an interesting how women are surprised how few opportunities for sex most men have. I don’t think they realize just how hard it is to find a willing partner. I think it’s good you told the truth and put it out there.

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