It’s been almost an entire year but I finally went on another OkCupid date.  I really didn’t think I’d be back, but I’d been feeling especially good about myself lately so I felt like giving it another go.  It took me a few days to get the hang of messaging again.  The first batch I sent out were all duds.  Before long I cleared out the cobwebs and I started getting profile views, then responses.

There were further kinks to work out when it came to moving from messaging on OKC to going on a date.  I jumped the gun on the first few attempts, as they went nowhere.  So I relaxed a little and finally snagged one.  Her name was Melody and she was a musician like myself. Turns out we played the same instrument.  That alone gave us plenty to discuss, and she said she enjoyed talking to me and wanted to know more.  Bingo.

I asked her out for drinks the other night at a bar that happened to be just ten minutes from her house, so I couldn’t have picked a more convenient spot.  She looked better than her pictures and she was a lot more talkative than I expected.  In fact she was talkative to the point where she hardly asked me anything about myself, which bugged me.  I had to volunteer any personal information, which I took as a sign that she wasn’t that interested in me.

After an hour and a half she called it a night because she had to get up at 5:30 the next morning for work.  I walked her outside and gave her a hug.  I was just about to say good night and “it was nice meeting you” and leave it at that, but then she made noises about getting together again.  Oh.  Well, if she truly wants to see me again, maybe it’s worth exploring the possibility.  I’m just not sure about her.   We’ve been texting intermittently ever since but have been unable to agree on a day.   She’s also busy as all get out and doesn’t seem to have much time for dating and relating, which makes me wonder what she’s really looking for right now.  Perhaps we should have discussed that on our date?  I suppose I’ll bring it up on the second date.  If there’s a second date…or I could just ask her in the meantime.  In any case I’m back on OKC seeing who else I can find.  I have another first date set up for Sunday, and I have a third girl I’m hoping to get together with next week.

In other news, life is still great.  I’m busy eating, working out (gained back four pounds already!) and spending evenings by the fire with a cold beer.  In fact, on the way home from my date with Melody I came across a shitload of firewood that someone had put out to the curb.  And I don’t know if I’m getting old or what, but I was actually a little more excited about that.


First dates:  23
Second dates:  3
Third dates:  2
Cancellations:  3
Stood up:  2
First kisses: 1
Sexual experiences:  0.6

9 thoughts on “Melody

  1. Sometimes chatterboxes are narcissists, but not always. It could have been nerves on her part so I think it warrants a second visit to find out which she is.

  2. But you know what; even if you’re not fully into her, your point is getting laid (still, I hope). Here’s a serious candidate if you make it to that second date. Just get into the ‘just get it over with’ stage of mind.

  3. We’re having a beer by that fire when I come and visit.

    I think she probably liked you but isn’t sure about you yet. If you want to give her a chance then go for it, but don’t be disappointed at all if she never makes time because you CLEARLY didn’t care for her all that much. At least you got practice with your listening skills! haha Chin up!

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