I happened past Teacher’s dance studio the other night, and what I saw took me aback and left my mouth agape.  I parked and got out for a closer look.  Were my eyes deceiving me?

They weren’t.  The studio had been stripped bare and there was a For Rent sign in the window.

What the fuck.

Not at all what I was expecting to see.  If anything, I was expecting to see construction work.  Teacher emailed us a few weeks prior, informing us that classes were suspended for the time being.  The town found problems with the building, the landlord had been fined for violations, and work was starting right away.  She said she’d keep us updated on the progress.

Well, this was something worth updating us about.  But we heard nothing.  Then again, I wasn’t surprised.  Teacher is a notoriously lousy communicator, as well as a flake.  I’ve consulted with the other girls in the class and they’ve noted the same thing.  Sometimes we’d show up for class and find out it was canceled at the last minute.  Other times we’d show up for class and find the studio dark and locked up, with no notice given at all.  I don’t understand how can you be so lackadaisical about communicating with your  students when this is your livelihood?

It pissed me off even further because we were supposed to dance at a gig the weekend after she emailed us about the building problems.  I wrote back asking whether we were still doing the show, even offering to borrow practice space elsewhere so we’d have a place to rehearse.  No response.  Another girl in the class reached out to Teacher about the show, and she got no response either.  So we talked among ourselves and decided to just go ahead and do the show without her, but it ended up being canceled due to a surprise snowstorm.

But the abandoned studio takes the cake.  I sent her another email three days ago:  “So I just happened past the studio and noticed a For Rent sign in the window…??”  No response.  I finally shared my discovery with the other girls in the class, and they were shocked too.  If I had to guess, I’d say she had further problems with the landlord so she’s looking for a new location.  Hopefully we’ll hear some news from her in the next week or two.  I hope there’s nothing seriously wrong.  And I hope I won’t be kicking myself for not making a move when I had the chance.  I’m still think I could have pulled it off.

When I told Slutty Blonde the story, she said that Teacher probably skipped town because of me.  Har har.  And speaking of whom – coming up next is the story of how I met another one of my fellow bloggers.

Stay tuned.