Well.  That was interesting.  And unexpected.  An hour before our last dance practice, Dancer Chick messaged me and another girl in the class to see if we wanted to go out for drinks afterwards.

Hell yeah.  The best times are always spontaneous and unplanned.

The end of class arrived, and it looked like it was just going to be me and DC, but Teacher decided to join us.  We walked to a bar two doors down and nabbed one of the last free tables.  DC sat on one side, and I made sure to sit next to Teacher on the other. The conversation was flowing, I had beers #2 and #3, and our drinking led to drinking games.  A lot of interesting facts came to light.

As it turns out.. I was wrong.  And I was right.  Teacher IS single, like I had initially thought.  I did mishear things after all.  I also found out why she broke up with her boyfriend, and this is the best part: He wanted marriage and kids, and she doesn’t want either.  Score!

Holy shit, this is awesome.  I never expected she’d be on the same page as me.  Naturally, I took the opportunity to casually mention I wasn’t interested in marriage or kids either.  Teacher didn’t say anything, but I knew she was listening to every word.  But DC was really surprised to hear that, and I had no problem telling her all about it since I didn’t give a fuck what she thought.  If you remember, she’d pretty much already told me she wasn’t interested, and I’d lost interest as well.


Teacher rubbed my back at one point during the evening, and later when I got up to go to the bathroom I put my hand on her leg as I was getting out of my chair.  Too bad the table wasn’t bugged, as I would have given anything to know whether the two girls were talking about me while I was inside peeing buckets.

We stayed for another half-hour before calling it a night.  Teacher walked us back to the studio so she could let me and DC out the back door, since we’d parked in the rear lot.  DC went out first, and Teacher was standing there grinning at me and holding the door open. I thought I was just going to get a “good night” from her like I usually do, but when I got close she came up and gave me a hug and I gave her a kiss on the cheek (my turn, this time). I also ran my hand up and down her back just once before I disengaged.  Once again, nothing aggressive, just the briefest of non-offensive touches, but hopefully enough to drop a hint without being too obvious.

And that was that.  Overall I was very pleased with myself.  I didn’t blurt any dumb shit, or do anything that I’m now kicking myself over. I still worry that I might have been friend zoned, but I think if I can maintain a light level of flirting and stay distant otherwise, then I can very pull this off.

In fact, I’d already started taking that approach during our previous class – the distancing, anyway.  I was simply present without really saying much to her. And suddenly she had a few compliments for me – telling me how good I looked, mentioning that she was telling people about me…  Oh?  Talking to people about me?  I’m very curious to know what that’s about.  She also took hold of my arms to move me into position (since we were dancing in formation), and then she touched me on the arm again as I was leaving that night.

Meanwhile, she’s booked us a gig dancing at a local bar the Friday after next.  And bar = more drinking and flirting.  I’m feeling pretty confident – I know I can do this!  Otherwise the gods are just dangling the biggest carrot in the universe in front of me.  She likes the same music and dance, she doesn’t want marriage or kids, she’s offensive and vulgar and uses foul language… I mean, what’s not to like?


On another note, DC has pissed me off.  Back when I was having my first drink, she pulled out her phone to take a picture to document the moment.  “I’ll send it to you on Facebook!” she said.  I just shrugged and said okay. I didn’t ask; she volunteered.  But a month went by and I never got it.  During one of our Facebook chats I said, “oh btw – didn’t you take pictures from that night we all went out?”  No response.  Then another month went by and we were all hanging around after class and the subject of pictures came up.  I took the opportunity to turn to DC and go, “Hey, you never sent me those pics, did you?”  She laughed and said she would.  And I’m still waiting.   Those are the only two times I’ve mentioned to her, and I’m certainly not going to ask her again.   But what’s up with that?  I’m convinced that she has the pics but isn’t sending them to me for some reason.   JBlondie suggested that maybe she’s jealous… what do you think?