I went on Facebook to send New Girl a message.  However, when I clicked on her profile I noticed something really odd: She had unfriended me.  Dafuq…?  I gaped at my computer screen, racking my brain for any possible reason why.  She was all smiles and hugs when we parted ways, and expressed a clear interest in getting together again.   So I sent her the message as originally planned, without mentioning my peculiar discovery:

“Hey!  I had fun on Sunday and I can’t wait to get together again. In the meantime I’ve come up with a couple of ideas I wanted to float past you… like doing [this] at the beginning of the dance instead, and when we get to [this part of the music] we can do [such and such].  What do you think?  You wanna give those a try?”

And I just left it at that.  Her reply came through a few minutes later:

“No.   I’ll do it by myself.”

Definitely had a bug up her ass about something.  What, though?

“Um… okay.  Is something wrong?”

Apparently.  Because her next move was to block me on Facebook entirely.  So it looks like whatever the problem was will forever remain a mystery.  This only reinforces this niggling feeling that I’m unwittingly saying or doing something to turn girls off and to provoke these kinds of reactions.  Except I don’t know what I possibly could have done this time.

So that’s that, I guess.

96 thoughts on “WTF

  1. She probably felt your animosity toward her child. Honestly, you can’t fake that kind of stuff. It may have not been evident to her right away, but I’ll bet after she left she realized it. =/

    • BTW, I get you on the kid thing. I only like the ones I’m related to. My thing is, if a potential SO wants them, I’ll have ONE if we have a full time nanny or housekeeper, which is feasible on my income. I’ll put up with bearing a child if I’m not willing to give up my man, but I’m not going to put the rest of my life on hold to raise one without solid support.

    • Maybe. But I asked her what was wrong – why not take the opportunity to give me a piece of her mind about whatever it was that irked her enough to block me? Or wouldn’t a simple “I’m not really interested in continuing” suffice?

      • I wish she was more direct in her communication. I dislike the socialized norm that women “have” to be passive aggressive and not communicate directly in face. She wan’t being honest by failing to admit that she had a child before meeting you, and her bringing a child on a date seems very inappropriate of her.

  2. The problem with this blog and why it is basically impossible to read for me is that it is based on faulty, batshit premises.

    You might as well be posting about your lack of success for another decade.

    Well, duh.

    Western females are just public urinals being used by different dirtbags. The idea that it is possible to form a relationship with them is ridiculous. Similarly, dating is a thing of the past. This is because Western females are all sluts trying to increase their slut status among other sluts. Therefore they want to be f***ed by high status men. It follows that perceived high status men will have sluts constantly throwing themselves at them, so they won’t have to date to get sex – they can just take their chosen slut home or to a convenient location to f**k right away. Hence it follows that if you are asking for a date with a female then you are not of high status, so as far as the female is concerned you are a loser she wouldn’t want to date. The slutification of females has rendered dating obsolete as a cultural construct. The only way to score Western sluts is if you get across the message that your only interest in them is to perform the most degrading sex acts you can think of on them before severing all contact and that you don’t really care if they don’t want to because you can easily find some other slut who will.

    Would you want to find a relationship among hyenas? No? Then why would you want one with a Western woman, when they’re equally capable of it?

      • It depends on what you mean by “finding a girl”. I am not trying to find a girl for a relationship, since modern Western women don’t understand the concept. It would be like trying to date my goldfish. I describe what women want here and here

        I am trying to use brainless Western sluts for only thing they’re capable of – sex.

        • I certainly do have some issues, but the author of the blog has a lot more. It is sad to see somebody make long posts about losing battles he could have never won at all and that there are so many idiots dumb enough to take this seriously and not tell him the truth. I am telling him the truth, but doubt he’ll accept it because he seems to be a dumb Westerner.

          • ‘The idea that it is possible to form a relationship with them is ridiculous.’

            Them – Undefined subject based in a group created by your own delusional guidelines
            You – You.

            It is impossible to form a relationship with YOU. – That sounds more accurate.

            It would also explain a lot.


            You are welcome.

            • Yessica, it is trivial to debunk what you’re saying if you know what happened with both of my exes. They were simply unable to have a relationship with ANYBODY, before or after me, just like with me as well. The only thing they hold against me is that I was in a relationship with somebody who couldn’t understand the concept.

              It was like trying to make a mountain lion act like a kitten.

              This is what you get in a society where a serial rapist is more respected than a man who wants a serious relationship.

              Them = modern western women.

              You are welcome.

            • It is irrelevant the group (western modern women) you are defining. Your experience with TWO people doesn’t define absolutely anything. If you want my honest advice, your main problem is making all of those unrealistic generalisations as if you’d knew what is inside every woman’s head. Well you don’t. Each single one of us is different. Making ridiculous assumptions so you can feel better about rejection won’t take you any far

            • please read my comment to beautiful mess. i just mentioned those two cause you mentioned relationships. my sample level is closer to 20,000 than 2

          • I see that your scientific opinion is based on two experiences you had with exes… The only true conclusion that can be made from that is you are the common denominator. You picked women who weren’t capable of having a relationship. Or possibly that is the only kind of woman you can attract. Either way, making broad assumptions of an entire gender based on limited personal experiences and anecdotal evidence proves absolutely nothing. Except that you are petty, misguided, and jaded.

            • “I see that your scientific opinion is based on two experiences you had with exes… ”

              I never said it is “scientific”, since I am not a scientist (at least not in that field) and it isn’t based on two of my exes alone. I am just mentioning my exes because I was in a “formal” relationship with them and that person talked about relationships.

              In fact it is based on thousands of women, from those I fucked (all of whom cheated on their boyfriends except for one who couldn’t cheat since the guy left her for messing with me) to women I have never seen or know anything about but heard their stories and stories about them online.

              It’s not 2 women. It’s closer to 20,000 women.

        • This has nothing to do with intelligence. It has to do with women’s conditioning to choose the currently most evolutionarily successful type of male. Today such men are abusers and rapists.

        • You shouldn’t generalize all Western women like that. Surely, there are women who seduce men to have sex with them, but that doesn’t count for all. I once joined a ballroom dancing class in college, had an infatuation on a woman who ended up being very indecent in her dancing with guys other than her boyfriend at the time and when I asked her to dance at the beginning, she danced with me briefly in a modest way, went into the restroom, then ignored me by staying away from me and mingling with other people, including dancing inappropriately with guys not her then boyfriend. She also flaunted her sexuality by shaking her boobs and was looking for guys at a local university while seeing two guys at the same time. However she doesn’t count as all Western women, as plenty of women I met at college were decent, moral and good natured and didn’t have ulterior motives. Some women in college I met did have ulterior motives and led me and other guys on and acted seductive, but that doesn’t count for all Western ladies.

        • Umm, what? Are you saying I “assume” girls are stupid because most are attracted to men, unlike me? I am saying they’re stupid because they’re worthless, brainless sluts.

      • I agree. Guys, start being dicks! Just don’t be bitter like caabib though. That won’t get you laid.

        It’s lame to hate women. Even if you don’t see them as anything more than cum buckets, what’s so bad about some adorable, soft, good looking, warm cum buckets!

    • I met some females in high school and college that were sleazy and led me on and desired “high status guys”, but not all Western women are like that. I agree that dating is pretty much obsolete in most colleges as the hookup culture is on rise, and more men and women act indecent nowadays. The women you refer to who like to be degraded sexually generally have deep seeded daddy issues and think of themselves as “slutty”.

      • Well, I don’t know about daddy issues but it is possible, since most fathers today aren’t present in the lives of their children because most men who impregnate women today are retarded thugs who just move from one woman to the next. Those who are married are usually betas who provide for feral children of others.

        But even if this isn’t so women are strongly socially pressured to become sluts.

        • It depends. Some women act more indecently than others. The retarded thugs you speak of are mostly thugs on the streets involved in gangs, domestic violence, armed robbery, and other criminal acts. They also tend to be physically abusive fathers and lack a sense of morality and do not uphold the law.

    • while it was rude & uncalled for, what she did is something that happens with great frequency. you have no choice but to get used to it & let it go. don’t ask girls what went wrong, they won’t tell you (as you’ve experienced) & it will ruin any chance for them to change their minds on their own.

      unfortunately you are now experiencing what is sometimes-called “combat dating” it’s an awful phrase but only because it’s accurate. google it & prepare to be depressed. caamib is bitter, but he’s not wrong.

      you should check out the sites i link to on my blog post “medium.”

      if you are in nyc, there is no shortage of girls to dance with. i don’t know what style you do but unless it’s argentine tango or balboa, you don’t need a regular partner, besides it makes it harder to dance with others. you need to be able to dance with all sorts of girls.

  3. Women are strange creatures. You’ve definitely said or done something to offend her. Do you know mutual friends? Could someone have said something to her after your meeting that may have triggered this response? If people aren’t going to be honest with you, they aren’t worth your time anyway.

    • No, we don’t have any mutual friends – at least none that I’m aware of. This is the first time I’ve contacted her since Sunday. When we left things off, she was excited about meeting again. So I’m really taken aback by this change in behavior, and have no idea what triggered it or why she didn’t say.

      • I don’t know this for sure, of course, but it seems to me that New Girl only appeared excited when she left you. There is no reason for her to abruptly change her mind about you after she left…that just doesn’t make sense. She would have already known how she felt about you when she left. I think you posted at least one other time about going on a date with a girl who seemed keen on you, only to disappear on you later. Without seeing you in person, I don’t know what’s really going on, but it sounds to me like you don’t read the social cues from these women well. Another example is the dance teacher who you thought might be interested, but she really wasn’t. It sounds like some women are being friendly to you on the surface, but having no interest in dating you and in some cases, no interest in friendship, below the surface. Either you don’t pick up on their body language, or you send some signals yourself that make them uncomfortable with you.

          • I think he may be correct, though I can’t say for sure. I almost wish we were closer so I could meet you and give my honest opinion. The only thing I can say from reading your blog is that you may be coming off as over eager in a creepy way. I don’t particularly like the term “creepy” and all of its current social connotations and overuse. However, I get uncomfortable reading your posts sometimes. I am a very sexual person. I don’t understand the sexual frustration you must be experiencing. We’re only a few weeks apart in age, and as someone with a high sex drive one week without sex is quite difficult. I can only vaguely fathom what it’s like for you. I think that maybe you aren’t falling on the right side of the line between flattering and intrusive/ uncomfortable attention.

            • So… I know this is old news and I don’t know if you’re even around anymore, but I was rereading old posts and comments during lockdown and came across one. I remember asking you about this once – specifically what about my posts made you uncomfortable? You didn’t remember the context and I couldn’t find the comment until now. Kinda made me curious again.

            • Indeed, Lad, it piques one’s curiosity as well. 🤔
              (It is, of course, a purely academic curiosity, as this was an experiential lifetime ago for you! 🌟🏆🌟)

            • I wouldn’t say it’s purely academic. Many of my first dates are still busts and she might have a valuable insight I’m missing out on.

              Btw – It’s weird enough that I ended up back at this comment, but how did you end up back here…?

        • I am socially awkward in the way that I can have difficulties understanding certain body language, social cues and signals in women. I think surface friendliness is also a problem that I encounter too. Just like what you said: “It sounds like some women are being friendly to you on the surface, but having no interest in dating you and in some cases, no interest in friendship, below the surface.” I guess I have an innate talent for inadvertently turning most women off.

      • Sheesh, not only was she passive aggressive, but downright rude. There is a trend where not being honest and straightforward. I didn’t see you do anything wrong in your communication. She may have seen you have facial gestures of dislike towards her son. So, she is probably looking for a guy who likes kids and is good with them. However, I just think she was very dishonest and said a rather indirect “No. I’ll do it by myself.” instead of being upfront. Honesty is really hard to find in people nowadays.

  4. Just re-reading your story about New Girl bringing the baby along…when I re-read it, I wondered if she could also have been put off by you asking ‘do you want to do lunch?’ If a girl does not have a romantic interest in someone, she often assumes somehow that he doesn’t have a romantic interest in her (or turns a blind eye to it). She may have picked up on the fact that you didn’t like babies. But it also could have been the fact that you sent alarm bells ringing in her mind…he wants to go to lunch with me? Is he just giving me dance lessons because he’s interested? And she might have rebuffed you because of that.

    I know that might not make a lot of sense to you, and her behaviour seems rude, but taking her side for a moment, as a girl, the last thing I’d want if I wanted dance lessons was to have my teacher be a guy who was interested in me (but who didn’t interest me). That is a recipe for one-sided feelings and a lot of uncomfortable interactions.

    • Oh and one more thing about rudeness and girls/guys: I used to be someone who thought it was always important to give a very polite rejection to someone so as not to hurt them. However, I gradually learned that while some men take this well, some men don’t take the hint! You’ve experienced this with girls, too, I think. After a while, it’s easier to just cut contact with someone completely if you’re not interested in them, than be all polite about it. It saves you from having to answer repeated questions or respond to messages and invites from someone you’re just not interested in. I know it sounds cold, and it is, I guess, but some men don’t take no for an answer or will use friendship as an excuse for getting close to a girl they’re attracted to…while some men will just take rejection well and move on. She doesn’t know which type of person you are, or maybe she already thinks you’re a persistent kind of person, so maybe she felt it would be easier just to cut you off…especially if she’s an attractive woman who has a lot of men pursuing her.

        • Yes, I agree with that. She probably shouldn’t have ‘unfriended’ you so quickly. But just in defense of her again, she didn’t know you that well, so it wasn’t like you were a member of her regular dance group. It would have been ruder if she had been.

      • It is no excuse whether or not it is easier. It is still rude and cold of her to cut off contact like that. I prefer a direct answer than no answer at all. She doesn’t even know him, since she was the person who invited him. Sure, there are ” some men don’t take no for an answer or will use friendship as an excuse for getting close to a girl they’re attracted to…while some men will just take rejection well and move on.” Some men do have a difficult time moving on after a women they really like turns them down because they would prefer to be more than friends and have reciprocated feelings, while get over it quickly and are more detached. I guess she has a lot of men in pursuit of her. I learned in life that it is better to be direct and straightforward, than to not say anything at all from my father especially. If guys don’t take the hint, fight fire with fire and match their tone of voice.

    • Yeah but I wasn’t giving her dance lessons, nor am I her teacher. We both do the same kind of dancing and she wanted to choreograph something together. She was the one that approached me and suggested it in the first place.

      • Yeah, I agree, on thinking about it. Since she was the one who asked you, there’s a good chance she was interested in you or at least had some initial interest; so there was probably something that happened during your meeting. Was there any change in her tone of voice or body language during the dance choreography? Any change in the level of warmth to you at all?

        • Heh… well, if i am indeed clueless to social cues and body language, I might be the wrong person to ask. However I feel I’ve been trying to pay attention to those kinds of things nowadays (while trying not to read too much into them). But no, I didn’t notice anything like that.

          there’s a good chance she was interested in you or at least had some initial interest; so there was probably something that happened during your meeting

          And this is exactly what I think happened with some of these girls I went on dates with… but like I said, the ones I really wanted to hear from are the ones that didn’t respond. So I’ll never know.

  5. I almost feel like you should have a meet and greet with everyone reading this so we can all work together to figure out why you aren’t finding the girl.

  6. Oh my fucking god. These comments, these people. Why the fuck does it even matter why she blocked you? Move on already.

    Also I am moving to NYC, we can hang out and I can tell you why women don’t seem to want you.

    Seriously though, if you want to get laid, don’t waste time on the no’s and seek a yes.

    Also yeah, I exist still… Nearly every dating writer on WordPress fucking blows at writing, but I’d like to see you get laid eventually.

  7. Hmmmm I’m thinking you’ve got a touch of social awkwardness or on the extreme side even slight Asbergers. I don’t know UVM…I’ve never seen a guy with your looks and these problems…

  8. Eek. I don’t know what to say. I fucking hate fb and the whole shebang. I dunno. I feel like she could have at least told you off via instant message if she really was upset. It could have been something external. I agree with the previous commenter about you meeting some of us and letting us tell you what signals you are sending out. I’d totally do this for you. I can’t say on here exactly what I used to do, but I am a bit of an expert on body language and male/female social interactions… Even though my whole life seems fucked up, I have some expertise in this area. lol

  9. Don’t understand it myself. Maybe it was because she could sense you didn’t like children, maybe something else. From my angle she’s given you some mixed messages.

    Are you likely to see her again? That may be a bit awkward but at least you might get a sense of what her problem is.

  10. One day you will come to understand that you must love women
    even if they have rejected you, and that there are more important
    things then sex.
    My entire life I have been ridiculed, rejected, and laughed at by women.
    I can’t say ALL women, and neither can you. You HAVE had chances.
    And even as a 44 year shut in, I can say I’ve had chances. You’re
    simply going to have to learn, it’s not what you GET, it’s what you ARE.
    You think that randuming engaging in sex is the solution to ALL your
    problems. It is not. Many in your situation have discoverd that.
    There was a famous English writer named Colin Wilson. He was
    dissapointed to discover that the “feel” of a woman was not much
    different from his fist, when masturbating. The type of sex you want
    can be bought, like anything else.
    I had a family member who was exactly like you. He was good looking as
    you are, but his first date was always his last date. He had no idea what
    he was doing wrong. Maybe it was “bad vibes.” He’s over it now. He has
    a long time companion, his first and only girl. But she’s good looking.
    Look. I don’t know what God made such a goofy planet. It’s dog eat dog.
    But I DO know, there can be no quality of life in hatred. If you hate 52%
    of the population, where would that leave you? But I DO wish they
    wouldn’t dress so sexy in the Summertime.

    • He was
      dissapointed to discover that the “feel” of a woman was not much
      different from his fist, when masturbating. The type of sex you want
      can be bought, like anything else.

      I’m no expert, having had fewer sexual partners than the average, but that’s a weird analogy. It’s never felt like that to me – perhaps I am doing one or the other completely wrong :-/

  11. I’m crazy introverted and feel really uncomfortable in most social situations myself but I’ve never had anyone pull a180 like that on me. Other people have brought it up already and I hate to dog pile on you but maybe you are really bad at reading body language and social cues.

    I realize that the point of this blog is your difficulty with forming relationships with women but I’m curious, how many guy friends do you have? When you meet or interact with other men do you find that they treat like “one of the guys” or do they seem to take you less and less seriously the more they get to know you?

    Anyway while I’m curious as you are about what went wrong here, another commenter was correct when they said you need to move on and keep searching for a woman willing to give you time of day. Besides, there might be a good reason that single mom is single.

  12. I am sad for you, not because of the situation but because your post has attracted so many gender generalisations. And it comes to my attention that any type of generalisation may be the problem too. You asked other girls why it didn’t work with you. While relevant and constructive criticism is useful , you have to remember that what doesn’t work with someone , can work with someone else. As much as you thought their answers were useless , it was probably true : you were not for each other. you were not a match. could you be doing something wrong? Yes. could you be doing absolutely nothing wrong? Yes. As soon as we accept the fact that we are not a match for everyone , the more open will be (just my two cents).
    as for the new girl , it’s such a weird behaviour for someone who is not interested. Someone who was not interested would simply ignore ; she seems to be very upset. About what ? I don’t know..

    • Well if their answers are all the same, and none of them tell me I’m weird/creepy/socially awkward/something else, then I’m happy. I already understand that I’m not a match for everyone and what works for one person doesn’t work for another. It’s probably just simple bad luck – unfortunate, as my blog title says. However, I still think it’s time to start asking questions and engaging in soul-searching. I didn’t end up a 30yo virgin for no reason.

  13. I do not like when some women like her prefer to go passive aggressive mode and ignore and give indirect responses rather than taking the bull by the horns. Indirect responses are not helpful on her part, and her unfriending and eventually blocking him were rude. My ex thankfully was more direct in her communication style than New Girl. However, UV has no way of knowing if he did something wrong if she isn’t telling him exactly what is on her mind.

  14. Why are we speculating about the reasons that the U.M.V. can’t
    partake of opposite sex relationships? Why are we quibbling about
    what his “problem” is? Sometimes, the most obvious answer, is right
    under our noses. The Unfortunate Male Virgin’s “problem” is his
    Astrological chart!
    The U.M.V. DID state that he felt “unlucky.” Does this “unluckiness,”
    pertain to other areas of his life as well? The 5th house of the Astrology
    chart entails sex AND luck.
    For example, I once worked as a security guard in the night shift. My
    job was to walk a young woman who had been raped into a building.
    (She had a massive lawsuit against against the establishment.)
    It was thought to be the most unenviable task to perform, like military
    latrine duty, because it was “wussy.” I didn’t feel that way at all.
    “If that’s all I have to do…” Before me, the other guards wouldn’t meet
    her, sending her into a rage. I wasn’t at all bothered.
    My bosses hoped that I would mess up so they’d have an excuse to fire
    me. They tried to embarase me. “Did you get lucky?” one man cynically
    asked. “Get lucky? What do you mean get lucky?” I responded.
    He laughed and said “Forget it!”
    It is just this kind of “half life” that I want U.M.V. to avoid. 30 is not too
    late. But he is fast approaching a time when it WILL be too late.
    Just Google “Over 50 male virgins.” See the seething hatred against
    “cunts.” In fact, at that age, there are more male virgins then female
    ones. If the U.M.V. has Saturn in the 5th house, and malefic
    Astrological placements between the Moon and Venus as I think he
    does, he must find out about it NOW. He can compensate. He could
    have ONE sucessful love in his life instead of just evaluating a
    woman’s worth based solely on her physical attributes. He could
    settle on a “5.” What’s so bad about a “5?” Oh, and BTW, have you
    ever tried E Harmony. com?

  15. I finally caught up on your posts – and surprised no one has said… perhaps she stumbled across your blog? ;P I find it very bizarre for her to just suddenly delete you off Facebook like that and respond the way she did. Very weird… Anyway – most likely for the better the communication ended as she didn’t sound like the right match for you. Onto the next!

  16. Holy sh** you have a lot of comments! What’s are your stats for page views?

    I hesitate to give advice, but I think I can see your side of things a bit better than others in that I was a lot like you until my early 20s, maybe worse. I had zero experience. I was dateless, hadn’t kissed a girl, hadn’t asked one out on a date, and there was no prospect of my situation changing. I had built pretty high emotional walls to protect myself from disappointment and went through life pretty much alone. Lots of friends though.

    For some reason things changed one day. I quit pining for unavailable women (there was one in particular I wasted years on) and accepted the advances of a girl who was very forward. People say all the time to take a chance and ask a girl out. Has that ever been successful? Rare at best I think. Making any sort of romantic advances toward a pretty girl is just going to come off as creepy, unwelcome, and weird. If a woman is interested in you she will let you know. For some odd reason there seems to be nothing more attractive than a guy who is unavailable.

    You also need to develop more of a “me first” attitude with women you encounter. I don’t mean to be a d-bag, but read through the blogs of your women commenters. Most have multiple men chasing them. They aren’t walking through life concerned about the feelings of men they reject or grew tired of. At some point you will become emotionally invested in someone. Have a heart after, not before, you have sex.

    You should also make up some sort of sad story to tell about yourself. No woman wants a desperate needy virgin so stop being one. Say your ex cheated on you years ago and you haven’t been able to get back on track. I’m sure you can invent a suitable story that is unverifiable. It sucks to lie, but I can’t see you have much choice. You are in a competition and you are losing.

    Finally, change your acceptable demographic. The chances of finding a decently attractive mentally stable woman who is also unattached in her mid to late 20s is practically zero. If there is one, then she will have so many guys chasing her unless you’re something really special then forget it. Unfortunately that means older women with kids and other races or religions.

    As always, good luck!

    • Funny you should ask, as I was just having this discussion with someone. I’ve had spikes in traffic before, but this is one of the biggest – over 800 views in the past four days. This post is really popular for some reason. And would you believe that with all that traffic, I haven’t gotten a single new subscriber out of it? What gives?

      I’m not following – why am I coming up with a sad story to tell about myself…?

      • I was thinking about the eventual disclosure to a prospective partner that you are still a virgin. Not only that your complete lack of relationship experience. Some of hard luck story about a difficult past relationship sounds way better than the truth in this case.

        I can’t believe I’m telling you to lie since its so wrong, but you can’t tell the truth either unless you want a devout christian for a g/f. I think some sort of hard luck story to explain your lack of recent relationships is better than just saying your awkward..

  17. UVM, I was thinking about my previous advice from me and others. Its worthless in that it’s anecdotal. I had time and thought I’d put forward some ideas, which in retrospect can’t be helpful. I wonder, is there some sort of professional help available for your sorts of problems?

  18. “There is nothing new under the Sun.” It sucks, it’s unfair, + we always want
    it to be the OTHER GUY, but some ARE fated to die alone and unloved.

  19. You’ve never heard of a person who’s died a virgin?
    Some of the greatest people in history have. Namely, Jesus Christ.
    The greatest Person who ever lived.

  20. I do not think Astrology will work, as it seems kinda hokey and based upon untested theories and strange superstitions. People do not have a set destiny, as their life is totally in their hands and changeable depending on their decisions. You can choose to say that the world is hopeless and do nothing and you can choose to say that life is a learning opportunity and take action to change it for the better by learning from your mistakes. Your life is in your hands.

  21. The Astrological chart is an “explainatory road map” of a person’s
    life. The stars “impell” a person in a certain direction. They do not
    COMPELL behavior.
    If my parents were alcohalics, I might be IMPELLED in that direction,
    but I still have choice whether to be an alcohalic or not.

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