Well.  This is interesting.  While I’ve been waiting for Tuesday classes to resume so that I can finally see Teacher again, I’ve had my Wednesday night classes with my other dance group to distract me. And another distraction arrived this past Wednesday night.

I’ve become the de facto dance instructor in this other group. The original instructor had nothing left to show me, so I started watching YouTube videos and going to workshops to learn more.  At this point I’m the one introducing new steps and routines, and I’ve already choreographed a few numbers for the group. Very good practice for when I’ll have my own group someday.

Anyway, a prospective student came down last week, a girl who’d seen our most recent performance and inquired about joining.  She was a tall, thin blonde in her mid- to late-twenties.  I showed her some of the beginning steps, and then she watched as we went through some of the more advanced stuff.  At the end of the night we walked outside together.  She inquired about my dance background, and I did the same.  She professed interest in coming back, but I just smiled wryly as I waved her good night.  Lots of people came down over the years, saying they’d be back, but most we never saw again.

So imagine my surprise when she found me on Facebook and sent me a message earlier tonight.  She said Wednesdays are no good for her after all, but she was impressed with my abilities, and further impressed that I’d only been dancing for a few years.  She wanted to know whether I’d be interested in getting together sometime to show her what I know and maybe choreograph a dance.  You know, just the two of us.  She actually teaches dance herself, and volunteered the use of the studio she works at.  She says we can go there on Sundays when nobody else is there.  “Oh, and here’s my number:  XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

Dancer Chick, Teacher, and now this new girl… still working on a nickname for her.  I’ve always heard that girls like a guy who can dance, but that’s never redounded to my benefit.  Now it looks like it may finally be paying off.  Good deal!

Speaking of Teacher, I’m still playing it cool.  When I really like someone I have a tendency to blurt and do stupid shit, but I’ve kept myself in check so far.  I haven’t even liked or commented on a single thing on her Facebook.  However, that hasn’t stopped me from combing for other hints of interest.  I’ve noticed that she posted the picture of the four of us at the bar, and “liked” her own photo.  I’ve been looking through the rest and have yet to find any other instances of her liking her own photos.  Good sign…?

Several of you said she seems interested based on her actions, but I’m still doubtful.  Part of me feels like if she were really interested, then there wouldn’t be any question.  Like with New Girl (there, I have a nickname).  THAT’S how you know a girl is interested in you.  I almost think that asking if a girl is interested is like asking a girl if she had an orgasm; if you have to ask, then the answer is no.  But I could be wrong.  We’ll see.  In any case I’m kinda glad it’s been almost a month since I last saw Teacher.  The more time that passes, the less I obsess over her.

What do you think, though?  Is New Girl interested in me?  😀

14 thoughts on “Tango

  1. Yes. On a scale, I estimate that she was 75% interested in getting to know you and letting you show her your dance moves. Whether she will be interested in sex (and by this, I mean coitus), well it’s too early to find out 🙂

  2. I just don’t get you. You seem to be a reasonabily healthy guy.
    You are not an “injustice collector. You are clued into
    reality, and interact with people. You are NOT a hermit.
    You also engaged in hot foreplay with one of your prospects. Others
    have described you as handsome. You’re young, fit, and have no
    chronic health problems. I assume you have no holotisis problem because
    you can get within physical proxitimity of women. You don’t wierd them
    out. They weird YOU out.
    The “Happy Hooker,” Xavier Hollander used to do an advice collum for
    Penthouse Magazine. She would get the ocassional letter from a
    dysfunctional mom, saying how she would offer up sex to her ugly
    son, so he wouldn’t die a virgin. A more common letter was: “Why
    can’t I get a girl?” The answer always came down to the questioner.
    She would say: “We (women) can sense who REALLY likes us, and
    who doesn’t.”
    Do you REALLY like women? Or only women who have attractive
    bodies? Would you settle for a woman under a 10?
    I think in your case, the problem is Y-O-U!

  3. you keep waiting for some kind of obvious overt sign. girls do not operate like that. they give subtle signs. how many times have you heard a girl say “can’t he take a hint”?

    if you like a girl, you have to make the first move. you have to ask her out, sometimes that’s the only way to even know if she likes you. you can’t keep waiting for some magical perfect moment. it will never happen.

  4. omgomgomg…Ello New Girl! I love her already. I know I’m getting my hopes up way too early…but oh my…goodbye Teach!

    This is good progress UVM…and without online dating!

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