This past weekend was a tumultuous one.  I had to cancel my date with the 19yo because one of my brothers decided to up and move to North Carolina, giving us all less than 24 hours notice.  I went to help him pack and see him off.  Fortunately Nineteen was understanding when I told her the story.  She offered to reschedule for next weekend, accepted my regret with a maturity that stood in stark contrast to Shorty’s current behavior – a girl who is ten years her senior.

Ever since breaking things off with Shorty, she has not stopped texting and calling and leaving sobbing voicemails.  She’s worried that she was too hasty and that we rushed out of something too quickly.  Sigh.  This is precisely what I was trying to avoid.  I’d hoped that by deliberately going balls-out crazy on our last date, she’d be so turned-off that it would negate any emotional attachment she was forming.

This is what happens, though.  I am rejected by countless girls, but the ones I do get with form unhealthy bonds with me.  My first girlfriend attempted suicide after I dumped her.  My second girlfriend broke down crying in front of her house after I dumped her, and then she later underwent a sex change.  I like to think that this is all a testament to how I’m such a wonderful guy that girls can’t bear being without me.  But perhaps it’s more a matter of having a knack for attracting those who are completely unstable.

All I know is, thank God I didn’t have sex with her.


In other news, my blog continues to increase in popularity.  I’m currently at 223 blog followers and have received over 30,000 total views since I’ve started this blog in January of 2013.  I broke 3,000 monthly views in September, after coming really close in August.   In fact, check out for yourself how my view and visitor counts have increased from month to month:


Thank you all who read and follow and comment!  I never thought anybody would take any interest in this little blog of mine, so to have received this much attention is flattering.  And the best is yet to come.

Coming up next: The Story of How I Met One Of My Fellow Bloggers.

Stay tuned…


20 thoughts on “Nuts

  1. That’s fantastic you have so many views! I’m hoping mine will reach the same dizzying heights some day. At the moment, I am averaging 1000 per month. I expect to get more in future as I talk more and more about male mental health.

  2. I just had a conversation last night with The Backscratcher about how all my previous guys reach out to me because they are completely unhappy. Thanks for the next blog inspiration!

  3. Totally bewildering. That’s what you are to me.
    You claim that you can’t “get” girls, yet you have gotten plenty.
    You’ve gotten the greatest gift that anyone could ask from a
    woman: The time of the day. Can you possible imagine how
    that makes us above 50 virgins feel?
    “Beggers can’t be choosers. But you are not a begger at all.

  4. 1- Congrats on the stats!!! 2- I know what you mean… I’m reflected almost habitually, and handle it with some grace- but the odd time when I personally decide to break it off with someone, they lose it! *sigh*

  5. Congrats on the stats!!
    It’s flattering, I know- I get so stoked sometimes- I mean I do have the best readers after all… 😉

  6. I think you might be me. I turned 30 4 days ago, my first girlfriend who I broke up with many years ago is now apparently a lesbian in a civil partnership, and I seem to attract the types you mention…

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