I seem to have run into a dry patch.  I’ve been unable to line up any more dates, and the last week only brought disappointment.  Here’s the rundown:

Horse Girl
First date… second date… and she said she’d like to see me again and “I’ll even pay next time if you’d like…”   First she told me her mother was visiting the following week so she wouldn’t be around, but we still texted back and forth.  Then I wished her a nice weekend and she only responded with “aw thanks!”  Um, okay?  Apparently she didn’t feel the need to wish me a nice weekend in return, which rankled a bit.  Maybe I was just reading too much into it.  But then she never even responded when I asked if she wanted to come to the free concert at the nature preserve this past Sunday.  So I guess she doesn’t want to see me again after all.

Marine Girl
An entire month (and then some) went by after she canceled with the promise of rescheduling.  I finally ran out of patience and sent her a message asking whether she intended to get back to me or whether she was just going to keep me hanging.  I pointed out that she gave the impression of being really interested/excited to meet me, so her lack of response was really confusing – was it something I said?  Meanwhile, I’d already concluded that she was no longer interested. But I just wanted to hear her say it, and maybe even find out why she got cold feet at the last minute.  As I expected, though – still no response.

Rugby Girl
Because she plays rugby.  But her profile had some nonsensical stuff in it, and since I enjoy that sort of thing I was able to have a bizarre and nutty conversation with her.  We discussed subjects like Were Dinosaurs Killed by STDs? and Could Whales Attack Us At The Beach?  She mentioned she loved cheesecake, and I saw that as my opening.  I invited her out to a cheesecake place, and we agreed on Monday at 7.  Then she deleted her profile before we could finalize things or exchange numbers.  Weird.  I figured that put the kibosh on our plans, but I went to the cheesecake place just in case.  Sure enough, she didn’t show. At least the cheesecake place was only right around the corner from my house, so I didn’t really waste any time.

So that’s all I have to report.  I keep reminding myself that I’m making progress and that I’ve finally started going on dates, but nonetheless I’ve been feeling pretty discouraged lately. So I’m thinking of taking another break from OKC to restrategize and regroup.  Something here is begging for a change, and I gotta figure out what it is…

First dates:  10
Second dates:  1
Cancellations:  2
Stood up:  1
Sexual experiences:  0.5

19 thoughts on “Desert

  1. Don’t take a break just yet. It really does come in waves I found. I’d have weeks where I was talking to a few and had to squeeze in three or four dates and then weeks where you are messaging lots and nobody responds.

    Don’t take it to heart because next week could be quite different.

  2. Don’t worry UVM your lady love is out there and I bet she is totally ready to discuss with you whether STD’s were the cause for Dino extinction. While your frustration makes me sad for you it’s also adorably hilarious….LOL. I feel like this blog should be a tv show…you could dance in the opening credits…I’m just saying!

  3. I agree you shouldn’t give up.

    Dating is just as much about finding your mate as learning about yourself.

    Soooo don’t give up who knows what is out there, experience wise at least.

    You should just make a trip to Nola. 🙂

  4. At least you can get the time of the day from a woman.
    I only get averted eyes, or if two women are together, snarky
    ridicule. If you are physically attractive,and pratice proper
    hygiene, there’s no reason at all why you can’t get sex.

  5. Women who act like bitches can only be… bitches. Women who don’t respond/show up or delete their profiles are most likely commitment phobes. This one woman on OkCupid who I never met before, who told me a few days ago was her birthday just asked me to fuck… -_- Fuck no, I do not fuck with women I don’t know, lol. That’s just stupid.

      • Nah, she is in my area. She seems like a kiss and tell. I would rather have sex with someone who I genuinely love and care about than a meaningless one time fling. She isn’t worth it.

  6. I can sympathise with the whole ‘every body over the age of 15 is coupled up, WTF?’ it sucks and usually it takes you ages of research to find out. I stand by my bracelet idea……imagine if single people looking for a partner wore a green bracelet? So easy to figure who’s single!

  7. I like the counter thing after each blog post. Is there any way you can update it to show the amount of messages you have sent out to women on OKCupid? That would give us some idea of the response rate.

    Sometimes online dating as heterosexual male feels like applying for a job in a recession. You send out lots of applications, pretending to be someone you’re not, before facing hundreds of rejections, until you finally find one through nepotism… Then you regret your choice sometime in your 40s.

    On this note, I tried Tinder for a bit and ‘swiped right’ approximately 500 times. I got perhaps 1 match!

    • Haha, well are we talking the sum total of all OKC users I’ve ever messaged? I’ve been on there for years so that number would be well over a thousand by now. Of course, most of them pre-date the time when I figured out how to send non-retarded messages, so I wouldn’t want to count those. I suppose I could start keeping track now, except I still send out a lot of test/throwaway messages, i.e. “I’m not interested in this chick, but let’s see if this works/gets a response.” If I kept a counter I’d have to limit it to only those messages I put serious effort into because I sent them to girls I’m genuinely interested in and want to hear back from.

  8. I don’t get it. Do you resemble Qusimoto? My namesake played
    him in the silent era. People think I DO resemble him.
    But I seriously doubt women would even stay in the same room
    with you if you were that ugly.
    You may think it’s all fun and games. Let me assure you it is not!
    For crying out loud, join the human race while you can.
    You don’t know how lucky you are boy!

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