I’m on a roll now.  I landed another date this past Monday night.  We messaged for a few days before I asked her out.  We literally met on the border of NYC, making it the furthest I’ve had to travel yet.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  We hadn’t said all that much in our messages, and when we spoke on the phone she didn’t sound particularly enthused.  But I was pleasantly surprised when we met.  She turned out to be very talkative and energetic.

In fact, she turned out to be a little too talkative.  I don’t like feeling like I have to compete for airtime in a conversation.  She’s one of those people that hears keywords and pipes up excitedly, “Oh, speaking of such-and-such, did I tell you about the time I blah blah blah…”  Then she’s off and running with a new topic while I’m silently grousing that I never got to finish my story.  But I’ve dealt with much worse than her, so I shrugged it off.  I still had an enjoyable time.  She seemed like she was having a good time, too.  Several times I had her slumped over with laughter.

We were on the ubiquitous coffee date for an hour and a half.  By the end of it I wasn’t sure yet what I thought of her, but I thought there was potential.  I would have asked for a second date, but things ended so quickly I didn’t have time to gather my thoughts.  She kinda walked me outside while asking how long it would take me to get back home.  She lived around the corner and since it was dark and getting late I asked if she’d like a ride, but she declined my offer.  Then she gave me a hug and set off at a trot, and that was that.  All that happened in the space of a minute and a half.  I was a bit taken aback by this abrupt conclusion.

Fifteen minutes I called her from the gas station I was filling up at.  I wanted to make sure she got home all right, and I wanted to see if she was interested in seeing me again.  I pointed out that she left rather suddenly and she explained that was because the coffee place we were at starting the closing-up process.  (Which they were, but it was still 9:30 and they closed at ten – they weren’t exactly rushing us out.)  Hmm.  And when I asked whether she’d want to see me again she was just like, “Well…” That hesitation pretty much answered my question.  But she said we could still talk and maybe set up another date.

And as of this writing we are still talking.  So we’ll see.  But I won’t be too cut up about it either way.  I have other irons in the fire.  In fact I’ve just set up another date with another girl for this Saturday.  This one is in Brooklyn, so I’ll have to venture even further into NYC this time.  I haven’t checked the subway map yet, but hopefully I won’t have to take the F line.  I’ve had the pleasure of riding it before and the F may as well stand for Fucked.

However, none of these girls compare to the PYT I’ve been talking to for the past few weeks.   The conversation took an especially hot and heavy turn since then, but sadly we can’t meet right away.  It’s killing me, but for now I’m willing to wait because I feel it’ll be worth it.  We talk almost every single day in the meantime.  Our last phone conversation felt like only twenty minutes but actually lasted over an hour.  And that’s impressive because I loathe phone conversations, especially since I’m notorious for long pauses and awkward silences.  There’s been none of that with her, though.  Awesome.

So that’s the latest.  I don’t know what’s going on but I’m on fire these days!

Stay tuned.


First dates:  4
Second dates:  0



A last-minute change of plans postponed our date to Sunday afternoon, along with a change of venue. I suggested a local nature preserve and she was game. Once again, I was impressed – I know very few people who would be into that sort of thing.

She looked even better in person. Photos did not capture the intensity of her eyes, and she rarely lifted her gaze from me. (Perhaps I looked better in person too?) And normally I’m a fast walker with a “slow-walking people need to GTFO of my way” mentality, but she was in no rush whatsoever. We ambled along so slowly we were nearly at a standstill, except for the moments she wobbled off-balance because I had her in gales of laughter.

I figured we’d be there for an hour-and-a-half at most, but we stayed for nearly three. We had great conversation and lots of laughs, and when it came time to finally part we just stood there grinning stupidly at each other. We arranged a second date right after we both said we’d like to see each other again. Then we went our separate ways. I may or may not have turned a cartwheel once she was out of sight.

Three days later she canceled our second date.

She said she hated to do it, but school threw her a curve ball and now she’s going to be really busy with a project that just came up. So we’ll have to postpone our second date for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure whether I believe this. To be fair, she did warn me that her schedule as a grad student doesn’t give her much free time (she’s in school 35 hours a week). But I can’t help feeling that I’m getting the brush-off. I haven’t responded to her message yet. I’d like to think that we’ll indeed have our second date, but only time will tell.  I’m not going to worry about it, though.  In the meantime I’m going to try to line up some more dates, especially now that I seem to be on a roll.

In other news, it took two-and-a-half weeks but I’ve finally put Crush out of my mind, and a good thing that is.


First dates:  3
Second dates:  0