“Dude, we’re gonna get you laid tonight…”

It’s never a good thing when your friends say that, especially when you’re not sure what motivated them to say it in the first place. Maybe they suspected I was a virgin? I’d never talked about it… but I’d never been seen with a girl either. Perhaps they’ve simply drawn their own conclusions by now. (Worse yet, perhaps they’ve discovered my blog!) Whatever the case, they clearly thought I needed some action.

The destination, though? A new club that opened up nearby. Oh, hell no.

Now, I used to go clubbing all the time. I was out in the Hamptons every weekend in the summers. I once had a dance-off with Flavor Flav. I went clubbing for one reason only, and that was to dance my ass off all night long. But that came to an end by the time I was 23. I just couldn’t take that whole scene anymore. Been there, done that, didn’t want to do it anymore.

Nowadays in my old age the noise levels in those places are intolerable. I can’t hear anything anybody says to me and I can’t make myself heard unless I shout, and I lose my voice after ten minutes of shouting. That’s assuming that I even have anything to contribute to the conversation, which I usually don’t. I just end up standing there staring at everyone with my ears ringing and my head pounding and a feverish desire to be anywhere else. And I don’t drink, so there’s really nothing for me to do there but to develop a foul mood.

Nevertheless, I gracefully acquiesced. The whole gang was going, and it had been a long time since I’d seen everyone. It had been even longer since I’d really cut loose and boogied. Not to mention I’d acquired a whole new catalog of dance moves I was eager to show off. So… what the hell! I could certainly use a distraction from the craziness that’s been going on in my life.

I was tearing it up on the dance floor within minutes of my arrival.  If you get there around 9 or 9:30 you have plenty of room to move, but once 11PM rolls around it turns into a sardine can and everybody is consigned to dancing in place. So I took advantage of the opportunity and pulled out everything in my arsenal.

A short while later my friend Chris tapped me on the shoulder and told me I needed to tone it down. “There are a whole lot of girls watching you but you’re intimidating them with your dance moves. They’re not going to come near you if you keep doing splits and high kicks and all this other crazy shit.”


I just shrugged. I was there to dance and have a good time and I didn’t care what anybody thought, and I told him so. He just shook his head and walked back over to the bar where the rest of the gang was watching me. I went back to doing my best James Brown impression, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to take his advice just to see what would happen.

Twenty minutes later there were three girls were dancing around me in a circle. This was the same trio I’d watched a dozen guys approach throughout the night and try to insert themselves into their circle, only for the girls to turn their backs and shut them out. It was hilarious watching guy after guy being rejected. But they must’ve taken a shine to me because they surrounded me and wiggled their asses at me. A cowboy hat appeared out of nowhere and landed on my head, and since the DJ was spinning a Luke Bryan song (!) I just went with it and busted out some country line dancing. My fans hastened to imitate me, and a couple of songs later the country music interlude ended and the cowboy hat mysteriously disappeared.

Then one of the three put her arms around my neck and started humping my leg. I put my hands on her hips and allowed her to keep rubbing her crotch against my thigh. This is interesting, I thought. But not nearly as interesting as when she started grinding her crotch against my own. I developed the biggest erection in the world, which I felt pretty self-conscious about.  Apparently she didn’t mind; she rubbed against me even harder. Then she disappeared without warning, leaving me confused and horny. Sigh. I just made my way back out to the floor and resumed doing my thing.

Shortly afterwards another girl started dancing with and grabassing me. But this one wanted to have a conversation as well:

“Wah wah WAH WAAAAH womp womp wah wah wah WAH!”


At least that’s what it sounded like to me. By that point in the evening everybody sounded like the adults from Peanuts. I had no idea what she was saying, so I just nodded my head and said “yeah” a lot and that kept her going. I looked up and noticed my friends in the background making frantic scribbling motions and mouthing “get her number!” Ugh. No thanks. This chick was drunk as all get out and reeked of alcohol. Not impressive. In fact, she fell flat on her ass thirty seconds later. I took that opportunity to do a spin and moonwalk back across the floor. Somebody sprinkled dollar bills in my wake.

I finally took a break from dancing and joined my friends at the bar. More Charlie Brown voices. Suddenly there was a hard shove in my back and I nearly fell into a bar stool. I turned around and found some girl with her nostrils flaring. It took me a minute to decipher what she was shouting over the BOOM BOOM BOOM of the music, but I finally gathered that she thought I pushed her friend onto the floor. Before I could dispel her of this notion, she grabbed some random guy’s drink and threw it all over me.

The owner of the drink was completely unfazed. He just looked me up and down and said something to the effect of, “Oh, you’re that faggot that was dancing out there before…” before walking away.

i decided to call it a night after that.

18 thoughts on “Clubbed

  1. Sounds like you had a fun time up til the drink being thrown in your face. 😦

    I also don’t love the club scene. It’s always extremely loud / hard to carry on a decent conversation with anyone.

  2. Funny, I was telling my sister just the other day how I kinda had the urge to revisit our old stomping ground. Though the experience is quite different for men (boys) and women (girls).

  3. They’re not going to come near you if you keep doing splits and high kicks and all this other crazy shit.

    Do yourself a favour – be yourself and don’t worry about what anybody else thinks. If a woman is going to be intimidated by how you dance then she should probably focus on somebody far more vacuous and mediocre… just like herself.

    I developed the biggest erection in the world, which I felt pretty self-conscious about. Apparently she didn’t mind; she rubbed against me even harder. Then she disappeared without warning, leaving me confused and horny.

    Don’t be confused – that’s how women like that get their kicks. We call them “prick tease”.

  4. Score!!
    I LOVE the club vibe, although Nola isn’t really known for having a “true” clubbing sort of thing. We have “go cups” so it’s hard to make people stay at one place so almost everything ends up being bar hopping-ish.
    When I was in NYC with Lopez, he took me to BOB bar… Holy crap they had this absolutely adorable female dj that was fantastic and played mostly reggae… I danced until I couldn’t stand! I was dehydrated (ok fine, I was drunk) but it was one hell of a place to dance.

  5. Oh this made me giggle.

    Not the drink throwing bit, I’d have lost my shit at that. But the rest.

    I dance for myself, not for anyone else.

    Just a word to the wise though, if you do want to go and dance I whole-heartedly suggest getting ear plugs to dull the noise levels down of the music. It helps!

    And honestly, when I’m there dancing, I don’t want to talk to anyone anyway.

  6. I would love to see you bust a move with high split kicks! This post made me laugh, though I’m sorry that girl threw a drink on you! A girl threw a drink over my head once too.

  7. Because she was dancing alone and I looked at her, turned to my friends and said, “look at that young girl dancing alone, I wonder where her friends are” or some rambling like that, and all my friends turned and looked and I guess she assumed I had said something nasty about her, I really don’t know! But she walked up and poured a drink all over me and stormed off!

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