How people find me

I’d like to take a brief time-out to share some of the more interesting search terms people have used to inadvertently stumble across my blog.  Some of them are rather colorful:

“horny male drivers jerking off”

“male virginity mental illness”

“i took the neighbor girls virginity”

“girl fucked and ditched in the middle of nowhere” (rapist much?)

“dad fuck boy and blood” 

“only girls that look at my dating profile are fat”

“why single moms always write the same shit on their profiles”  

“pile of sick toilet vomit”

“virgin jew jokes”

“male nudity during the 1800s”  

“unlucky beach porn”

“should people with big butts wear polka dot bikinis”

“self conscious of body and going to first swingers club”

“males jerking in the sand dunes”

“holy shit wham”

“buy virgin males online”

“omg your such a creep lmao”

“naked picures of girls age 18 to28 show there virgen pussy to me for free”

“vergine nude pics”

“loud grunting male orgasms”

“virgin male jerk off solo”

“male virgin humiliation”

“fondling the girl before the disengagement”

“vigin horny grls jerking off”

“girl on swing in underwear”

“new jersey sucks”

“why are okcupid girls perverts”  (are they really…?)

“i am wearing the tiniest bikini”

“do girls text kissy faces to their brothers?”

“how dose virgin ass hole look like”

“male ass crack”

“pretending to be a girl turns me on”

“림보 토렌트”

“difference between virgin asshole and fucked asshole pics”

“burger king coupons”

“virgins don’t skydive”

“dating girls when your apartment sucks”

“good looking male virgin impossible”

“mass is for christ not for luke skywalker” (2 times)

“police sat|sit|sits|sitting on man or guy -lap”  (4 times)

“the ghost in the yellow polka dot bikini”  (5 times)

Phew.  This is why I’m glad I’m still safely anonymous.

9 thoughts on “How people find me

  1. Speaking of anonymous…. I was “called out”. A reader from my blog recognized me at The Sex Museum when I was visiting Lopez a few months back. Stupid tattoos. Anyway he totally creeped me out. I was even thinking of doing a whole reveal thing- but after him… No way!
    Incognola I will stay!

    • haha whoops. I’m just curious though as to how many people that you know in real life know about your blog? And btw I don’t think I’ve ever commended you on the cleverness of your username – took me a few weeks before I got it. 😛

      • Obviously Lopez knows, there are a few people at work that know. Some of Lopez’s friends have figured out its him but not many have put two and two together that it’s me writing it.

        I don’t come out and openly share it often. I do sometimes, like when a friend is going through a drought or beating him/herself up over a break up. It tends to get my girlfriends to stand up and “want” to be sexual and it usually just shocks the shit out of my guy friends if I share with them.

        I would say there are 12-14 people that truly know me and know about my blog.

        As far as the name…thank you. I can’t take complete credit though. I truly wasn’t a fan of Vixen at first and Mr. Stevens thought incognola sounded old so we decided the two together just worked. Mysterious yet sexual. Kind of summarizes me. 🙂

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